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Bandit RP Server Rules

Official BanditRP - Server Rules

NOTE: These rules are updated often, so please keep up to date with them. It is your responsibility as a player to stay informed. Any violation of these rules will result in punishment.


  • Must have a working headset and microphone to play.
  • Push to talk must be enabled; you are NOT allowed to use voice activity.
  •  Absolutely NO USE OF CONTROLLERS on this server; violations may result in a permanent ban.
  •  This is a Semi-Serious server; there will be no talk of wagers, ramps, or 1v1ing.
  • MUST change character appearance; using the starter ped is not allowed.
  • A Clipping Software is NECESSARY to play Bandit Roleplay (e.g., Medal, Geforce Experience, Radeon Relive, SteelSeries GG).
  • Set clips to 2 minutes minimum. All clips must be at least 2 minutes.
  • Use /tweet or /ad strictly for roleplay purposes; /ooc is for out-of-character communication only.
  •  Spamming in-game chat (OOC, Twitter, Advertising, etc.) will result in a mute.
  • Must use /me for actions performed in game (e.g., /me takes phone away, /me shows ID, /me puts tape over mouth).
  • No voice changers allowed unless roleplaying with a PED.
  • All donations via Tebex or third-party payment methods (including CashApp and PayPal) are final; there are absolutely no chargebacks/refunds.
  • You absolutely CANNOT resell/attempt to sell any donation items (including Donator tokens, Vehicles, Loot Boxes, Clothing Tiers, Businesses, Whitelisted Gangs, etc.).
  • NO CHEATING/MODDING ALLOWED on the server; violators will be permanently banned, including using graphics packs that give an unfair advantage.
  • Use of third-party software for crosshairs is allowed.
  •  There is NO breaking character unless an admin has accepted your report and there is an ongoing sit.
  • If a player breaks rules or fails to roleplay, continue the scene and report afterward without informing them.
  •  Sexual, torture, or extremely gross roleplay is allowed only if all involved parties (participants and witnesses) have agreed to it prior to the roleplay being performed.
  •  Staff disrespect will not be tolerated; if you have a bad experience with a staff member, you may make a staff report or leave some staff feedback.
  •  Promoting any other server to the Bandit RP Community will result in a permanent ban.
  • Server diss is not tolerated; it will result in a permanent ban.
  • “Combat logging” is prohibited (Exiting the server in the middle of a scene or at the start of one, including quitting after dying to avoid being robbed).
  •  Swimming to the community service island is prohibited.
  • Mentioning Grandparents in Bandit RP will result in a 1-Week Ban! In no roleplay situation should Grandparents (grandmother, grandma, grandpa, granny etc) be brought up.


  • As a civilian in Bandit Roleplay, you have a pivotal role in making the roleplay flow fluently.
  • Civilians are NOT allowed to do gang activity. (Including but not limited to robbing in a group. Attempting to rob another civilian 1 on 1 is allowed.)
  • Civilians are allowed to back each other up and announce with each other, but they are not allowed to spin gang blocks together.
  • Civilians can be on gang blocks and live on a gang block if they choose to, however, if caught in the wrong place at the wrong time it will not be considered RDM.
  • If you decide to hang out on a gang block and get killed by another gang sliding, you will have to suffer the consequences.
  • Civilians can hold/carry guns for protection ONLY. No sliding on gangs or with gangs.


  • This is a streamer-friendly server, and we follow Twitch TOS. If you fail to follow the Twitch terms of service, you will be punished.
  • Please see Twitch TOS Guideline
  • This includes words including (F-slur, Racial slurs, Simp, Virgin, and Incel).
  • There is absolutely NO stream sniping. If you choose to watch someone stream who plays on the server, enjoy it as a viewer, but if caught stream sniping, you will be banned.


Interactions should not begin with hostility; if someone provokes you, then you escalate the situation. Initiation must be threatening, hostile, or argumentative. You cannot have a pleasant conversation and then slide on that gang because you spoke to them. There must be a reason to slide. Remember, you must provide a clip of the scene as proof for your roleplay actions if you get reported.

  • Roleplay must be realistic and have a clear purpose. Players cannot randomly interact with hostility. This means that players cannot start a conversation with someone with the intention of being hostile.
  •  Players can only initiate a hostile interaction if there is a valid reason, such as self-defense, property defense, or retaliation.
  •  Players must roleplay for 1 minute minimum before being able to initiate on them or rob them.
  •  Do not force roleplay or initiation. Walk in front of bullets, walk in front of a moving car, etc.
  • Making a threat instantly without any roleplay is considered FailRP.
  •  If you are backing a friend, you must be clear that you are with them before they are being pressed/taxed.
  •  You cannot inject yourself into a situation without initiating first. You must declare that you are either an associate or friend of the party that is being attacked. (Announce your presence.)
  •  You can NOT press in a group unless you are in a gang or you are countering a gang press.
  •  You must countdown from 5 seconds for any command including a gang telling you to drop a body or if someone is trying to rob you. (A clear threat must be made so the other person(s) follow your command(s).)
  •  If you hit someone with your car 2 times it’s initiation. (Doing it repeatedly or intentionally is considered VDM.)
  •  Stealing or lockpicking someone’s vehicle is initiation. Ownership of the vehicle must be clear. This means the owner must state ownership before acting on initiation unless the owner has recently interacted with the vehicle and it’s clear that he/she owns it.
  •  Pushing someone out of a vehicle is considered initiation.
  •  Looking through someone's trunk is initiation unless you get granted permission to view it. Telling someone to look through it and then killing them will be considered RDM.
  •  Threatening someone on Twitter or any social media channel is initiation. Saying "Gang K" on social media is NOT initiation. You have 1 full hour to track down who threatened you and kill them (Anything past that will be considered RDM).
  •  Saying “Gang K” is NOT initiation.
  •  2 punches, 2 pushes, 1 push & 1 punch is initiation. (Including if you punch 2 separate gang members, it’s gang initiation).
  •  Doing the slap emote to someone twice is initiation.
  • Any type of damage on someone's pet/baby is considered initiation.
  • Breaking and entering into someone's house is initiation.
  •  Running continuously after someone for 30 seconds with a weapon in hand is considered initiation (This does not apply for police).
  •  1 hit with a melee is initiation.
  •  Shooting someone’s vehicle is initiation.
  •  Shooting or killing someone’s pet/baby is initiation.
  • Firing a weapon towards or in the vicinity of a person is initiating.
  •  Initiation lasts 2 minutes, after that it’s considered RDM.
  •  Pulling your weapon out while getting pressed and strictly pressed is considered initiation. (If another player is attempting to rob you and you pull out your weapon you have initiated back.)
  •  Counting must be counted at the normal pace.
  •  Knocking another player out is considered initiation.
  •  Aiming your gun at someone is considered initiation.
  •  The max amount of time you can keep a hostage is 20 minutes. (After 20 minutes you must kill the hostage or let them go.)
  • Publicly saying you took part in killing another player's gang member, friend, homie, etc. is considered initiation.


  • Roleplay is the main aspect of this server and any breaking of that will be punished.
  • Metagaming - Using out of game information in-game, which includes asking your gang members for help over Discord.
  • Powergaming - Abusing an in-game mechanic to your advantage.
  • Mentioning the rules or reporting mid-scene is considered FailRP.
  • Driving with a dead body is considered FailRP.
  • Talking while dead is considered FailRP.
  • Doing /me while dead is considered FailRP.
  • Holding a weapon without justification is considered FailRP.
  • Calling people by their OOC names is considered FailRP.
  • Returning to a scene or around the scene of where you died before 20 minutes is considered FailRP. If you get taken to the hospital, you can return to the scene after 5 minutes.
  • Remembering the cause of death unless reminded by the killer is also considered FailRP.
  • Death Running (Running in a circle in the middle of a roleplay scene to decrease chances of getting shot) is considered FailRP.
  • Speaking about out-of-character situations in character (e.g., Staff, Community Service) is considered FailRP.
  • Carrying multiple people at the same time is considered FailRP.
  • Initiating in a green zone is considered FailRP.
  • Piggybacking someone then respawning with them still piggybacked is considered FailRP.
  • You cannot drive a whitelisted job vehicle or a whitelisted 1of1 vehicle without the permission of the owner. (Helicopters are included.)
  • Hot DV is considered FailRP. (Dv’ing a vehicle before/during/after an RP scene is prohibited.)
  • You cannot randomly tie and/or blindfold another civilian.
  • Cop baiting is not allowed; this includes actions like performing donuts in front of a cop to get their attention or approaching a Law Enforcement officer and committing an illegal act to provoke a chase.
  • You cannot loot the body of a person you did not kill. Civilians are only allowed to loot the body of a person they've killed themselves. This does not apply to gangs as a gang member can rob their gang members' kills.
  • Stealing EMS and PD outfits is prohibited.
  • Players can only hold one Duffel Bag or Suitcase.
  • Players are not allowed to interfere with EMS when they are working. (Example: Carrying/piggybacking bodies while EMS is trying to revive them.)
  • Civilians must not refuse to roleplay by acting AFK. If you're in the city, you're expected to be roleplaying. Scenes that you don't want to be a part of should be left politely.
  • Switching outfits mid-scene or to force yourself onto or out of a scene is not allowed.
  • Police Officers & EMS Units cannot be looted.
  • Employees of players' own businesses, police officers, EMS, and all workers should be wearing proper uniforms. (NO Gang Clothing.)
  • Taxing at money wash is considered FailRP.
  • Spamming radio when dead is considered FailRP.
  • Talking while dead on the radio is considered FailRP.
  • Killing someone as a baby/child ped is prohibited.
  • Stealing cars inside of a Green zone is considered FailRP.
  • Robbing cars inside of a Green zone is considered FailRP.
  • Going inside any sort of redzone as a ped is prohibited.
  • Initiation as a ped is considered FailRP.
  • Refusal to fear for life in a 3-1 scenario is considered FailRP.
  • Players cannot brandish firearms. Meaning, you cannot run around in public with a weapon without reasoning.
  • Ped Models: Players must select character models that align with their real-life gender identity. 
  • CLOTHING: No Skintights or unrealistic clothing (No speckles, sparkles, or lightning 100k or die style clothing)


  • Only whitelisted gangs are allowed to tax at a drug location.
  • The tax price cannot be more than $50,000.
  • The same person(s) can be taxed every 30 minutes, meaning you can't repeatedly tax the same individuals.
  • Do not kill anyone attempting to leave. "Attempting to leave" is defined as making a reasonable effort to leave, such as running/sprinting or driving to the exit. Walking or driving slowly to the exit is not an "attempt to leave" and you can be killed for it.
  • If someone has paid $25,000 after being taxed, you may refund them the money and give them 15 seconds to leave. If they are not making a proper attempt to leave after proper roleplay, they can be killed.
  • Gangs with the highest member count are the only gang that can tax at a drug location.
  • Gangs with fewer members cannot tax gangs with a larger number of members. Gangs with the same number of members have to deal with each other before taxing other people.
  • Using a PED is prohibited in a drug location.
  • Drug locations are dangerous places where anything can happen, meaning if you get crossfired, then you will have to respawn. It is not considered RDM when you put yourself right in between a gun fight


  • Players cannot scam for $100,000 or higher.
  • Players cannot scam for cars.
  • Players cannot scam bounties.
  • Players are not allowed to scam at a drug location when taxing.
  • No selling donator cars or loot boxes.
  • Players are not allowed to scam for property.


  • You can put money on someone's head to be claimed as a bounty.
  • When placing a bounty, you must announce it in the sky (Twitter or VPN).
  • Anyone can claim the bounty, including gangs and civilians.
  • Once a bounty has been claimed, there is a cooldown of 1 week in real-time before placing another bounty on the same person.
  • There is NO SCAMMING when it comes to bounties.
  • The person who places the bounty on someone can be killed on sight by the player who has the bounty.


  • In Bandit Roleplay, all businesses must be active and follow the code of conduct. If a business breaks the rules repeatedly, it will be striked. Inactive businesses will also receive a permanent strike. All strikes can be paid off, except for inactivity strikes.
  • It is expected that all Businesses wear proper attire when working.
  • Business workers should not be getting involved with factions/gangs when clocked into work.
  • Business workers should not be going around the city in work attire unless it’s delivery for a restaurant or trying to get customers.
  • You are expected to use /ad for your business to garner attention.
  • Workers should not be brandishing firearms.
  • Workers should not be getting involved in gun fights.
  • Workers should not be initiating in work clothes.


  • Exploiting is a bannable offense. Anyone caught exploiting will be punished.
  • Taking advantage of any bug in the server at the time will be considered exploiting.
  • No glitch fighting (continuous run/spam punching).
  • No taking advantage of the emote menu.
  • No emote to break your impact when jumping off high ground.
  • No emoting to get into buildings, drug locations, etc.
  • No emoting to avoid getting hit by other players' gunshots, fists, and melee weapons.
  • No speed boosting and glitch rolling anywhere.
  • No ghost peaking.
  • Carrying or piggybacking people without their consent is not allowed.
  • Piggyback or carrying while dead is prohibited.
  • Emoting when dead is not allowed.
  • No emoting while robbing someone that includes piggyback and carry.
  • No emoting in vehicles.
  • You cannot piggyback or carry someone away while arrested by PD.
  • You cannot piggyback or carry someone away while being revived by EMS or police.
  • Fast farming is a bannable offense.


The following are green zones and RDM/exploiting/initiating in them will result in punishment:

  • Job Center
  • All businesses including clubs, mechanic shops, all restaurants (Including business parking lots)
  • Gun stores
  • Car dealership
  • All clothing stores
  • Hospitals
  • Corner stores
  • Garages
  • Any event setup by staff
  • Community Service
  • Whitelisted job locations (garbage job, mining, etc.)
  • Police stations


  • Bandit Roleplay takes harassment seriously and does not tolerate any form of constant harassment on others.
  • Harassing someone for their sex, race, speech impediment, disabilities, or religion will result in immediate punishment.
  • Proof of harassment needs to be provided when reported and documentation of the accuser asking/saying/demanding the aggressor to stop/leave/desist before admin action can be taken.
  • We do not condone any sexual acts forced onto others; any sort of sexual harassment happening INSIDE or OUTSIDE will be dealt with, and the culprit will be BANNED.
  • Harassment includes forced emotes (e.g., /e pushup, /e sit-up, /e hump, etc.).


  • You are not allowed to rob someone you did not kill. This is only allowed if it's your gang member who killed someone, and you looted them.
  • Looting a person or their car in a green zone is prohibited.
  • If you RDM someone and loot them right after, you will be punished.
  • Police Officers and EMS cannot be looted.
  • You are not allowed to force a player to raise their hands at a Drug Location. You are allowed to rob a dead body that you killed.
  • All items are able to be looted except for Donator items (Loot crates, Vehicle tokens, etc.)
  • Players must fear for their life if they are outnumbered at a 3-1 ratio with or without a weapon pulled out. (You are not allowed to pull out a gun in this scenario)
  • Players must fear for their life if they are outnumbered at a 2-1 ratio without a weapon pulled out.
  • Three players are not needed to rob someone; feel free to rob a single individual, but be careful—the person you are robbing may fight back.
  • Fearing for your life includes putting your hands up or listening to any demand the people robbing you have. (Sexual acts are not included)
  • Pulling your weapon out while getting pressed and strictly pressed is considered initiation. If another player is attempting to rob you and you pull out your weapon, you have initiated back, and they can kill you.
  • If you are backing a friend, you must be clear that you are with them before they are being pressed/taxed.
  • You can NOT press in a group unless you are in a gang or you are countering a gang press.
  • The maximum amount of time you can keep a hostage is 20 minutes (After 20 minutes, you must kill the hostage or let them go).
  • Must state full name if asked while fearing for life.


  • EMS are expected to always be wearing proper attire when clocked in.
  • EMS are expected to be professional at all times.
  • EMS are expected to be treating at the hospital or be on the road.
  • Players should not hang around the hospital as a chill zone when EMS is online.
  • You are required to have a second character for EMS roles.
  • Players are not allowed to steal EMS-related vehicles.
  • There is no initiation on EMS.
  • Players are not allowed to rob EMS or attempt to rob them.
  • EMS are not allowed to step foot on gang blocks and drug locations.
  • EMS Should not be right outside of the Turf of a DrugZone and reviving players
  • You are not allowed to get treated at the desk when EMS is online and sitting at the hospital.
  • One member of EMS is allowed to roll with police at a time only if 5 or more EMS are clocked in.
  • When EMS revive you, you are not allowed to return to the same scene that led to your death.
  • If someone is refusing to leave the hospital, the EMS must call the police for trespassing, and if no one arrives, they may call an admin.


General rules

  • You must have a sense of fear for the police.
  • Jail times will be determined based on the reason for the situation, and the defense you provide yourself with or without a lawyer.
  • You are not allowed to KOS PD if they step foot on your gang block. PD is also not allowed to step foot on your block without probable cause.
  • “Hot repairing” a car during a PD chase is considered failed roleplay.
  • PD has to read you your Miranda rights before sending off to prison.
  • If a cop fails to read you your rights, it doesn't mean you can call staff and get released out of prison; you can choose to report the cop to a police higher up or use it as a way to have your lawyer get your sentence reduced or taken away.
  • If arrested for the murder of an officer, you will be inventory wiped.
  • Officers must have a different soul (character).
  • PD have to tell you “You can see the light” or have to leave the scene before you decide to hold E to respawn.
  • No corrupt cop RP is allowed.
  • If a cop is outnumbered 3-1 and held at gunpoint, they must listen to any demands, including letting go of the suspect, give back items that were confiscated, put hands up, repeat words being said to them on video, etc.
  • PD are not allowed to be robbed.
  • You are not allowed to take police outfits.
  • If you decide to exit the server in the middle or right before a PD scene, you will be banned for combat log and will receive an inventory wipe.
  • All officers must identify themselves unless they are undercover agents or a CTTF officer.
  • You cannot join a scene/robbery once PD has arrived.
  • Police may lie during any type of negotiations.
  • If a weapon of any kind is pulled out mid-scene, Police can take lethal action against the person.
  • If caught in a Police Vehicle at all, the officer may take lethal action against the perpetrator.
  • PDK is not initiation, but any death threats to an officer can lead to an arrest.
  • If a player is tased by an officer, the player has been initiated on, allowing the tased player to return fire at the police (NO GANG INITIATION).
  • Absolutely no “cop baiting” at all (purposely doing illegal activities in front of an officer to make them chase).
  • PD can search the vehicle you are in if you have illegal items on you.

Raiding Rules:

  • Any announced raid is KOS (Kill on Sight).
  • PD does not have to announce drug location raids. It is only KOS for those who attempt to initiate on PD if not announced.
  • It is mandatory for PD to announce gang block raids.
  • Gang block raids are KOS.

Probable Cause:

Probable cause for arrest = Any valid proof or suspicion that you have committed a crime. This includes:

  • Having a gun out in a robbery.
  • Having gang clothing in a robbery.
  • Breaking glass in ice box.
  • Stepping on a dead body with a gun out.
  • Searching a dead body.
  • Carrying a body that was.
  • Having a gun out at a shooting report.
  • Having correlation to a gang if said gang is involved in a scene.
  • Impersonation of a cop.
  • Having a Fake ID.

Reasonable Suspicion:

Reasonable Suspicion = Suspicion that you may have committed a crime based on strict circumstances. This can include:

  • Being in the same area where a robbery has happened.
  • Being in the same area where shots were fired/drugs were sold.
  • Getting tipped off from a civilian stating that you have committed a crime.
  • Being in the same vehicle with the same people who have actively committed a crime.

Vehicle Maneuvers:

3 types of maneuvers:

  • Pit maneuver (regular): Every 10 seconds, one vehicle makes an attempt to pit the vehicle via rear wheels.
  • Pinning a vehicle: More than two Police vehicles will make an attempt to pin a vehicle to a building or structure to immobilize the vehicle Every 30 Seconds (they will have two attempts).
  • Disabling a vehicle: In any circumstance when facing a near indestructible vehicle or insanely fast vehicle, PD will have 5 attempts to stop the vehicle within every 30-second interval.
  • Pit Maneuvers are not considered VDM (Vehicle Death Match).

What PD Should Not Be Doing:

  • Giving civilians weapons.
  • Giving civilians confiscated items.
  • Illegally searching vehicles for no reason.
  • Jailing people on the spot (unless it is a raid or they are in a situation where a high priority has taken place or someone with ranks higher than a commander says so).
  • Being unprofessional (threatening to kill someone for talking recklessly, talking unprofessionally, saying any inappropriate remarks, etc.).
  • Letting someone go because they are "cool" with them.
  • Accepting bribes.
  • RDM'ing (Random Death Matching) civilians.
  • VDM'ing (Vehicle Death Matching).
  • Confiscating legal items.
  • Driving civilian cars (unless they are undercover).
  • Having PD roles on the same character that have gang roles.
  • Taking someone out of jail without a valid reason.
  • Jailing people without a valid reason.

Illegal Items:

  • Drugs, Drug Accessories, Scamming Accessories, Dirty money, laundry cars (if accompanied by dirty money), Weapons, Weapon accessories/attachments, scrap metal, ammo.
  • ALL ITEMS IN BLACKMARKET if used to commit a heinous crime.
  • Body armor if used to commit a heinous crime.

Robbery Rules:

The following businesses can have this number of outside shooters:

  • Gas Stations/Liquor Stores: 0 outside shooters.
  • Small Banks: 1 outside shooter.
  • Big Bank: 2 outside shooters.
  • Jewelry Stores: 1 outside shooter.
  • You cannot have more than 3 hostages at a robbery.

Robberies are not KOS (Kill on Sight) unless initiation has taken place.

  • Police must value the hostages' lives and make attempts to secure the hostage. If this rule is neglected, please make a police report.
  • When PD shows up to a robbery scene, you MUST RP (role-play) the situation out. You cannot make any attempt to just walk out of the building.
  • PD can lie during negotiations.
  • You get one demand per hostage.
  • If the hostage takers kill the hostage, it is automatic initiation, and PD can breach into the building.
  • If you fail to negotiate with PD during a robbery, they can make an attempt to breach into the building using lethal force.
  • If you say that you have a hostage, you must show proof of life of the hostage.
  • You cannot have fake hostages during a robbery.
  • If PD shows up to a robbery and you fail to meet them towards the front to negotiate, they can breach the building using lethal/non-lethal force.
  • PD has all right to take a shot at the hostage takers IF they can confirm the hostage's safety if such action was taken.
  • If PD attempts to kill the hostage takers and the hostage is killed, they have failed to fear for the hostages' life and can receive punishment for such action.
  • No robberies 5 min before the server restarts.


  • No entry into the combat zone with a vehicle.
  • Do not interfere with ongoing 1v1 or 2v2 combat situations at ramps.
  • If someone requests you to cease killing them, you must comply. Failure to do so will result in punishment for RDM (Random Deathmatch).
  • We do not refund wager scams or enforce any specific wager rules. Engaging in wagers for in-game money is at your own risk.